Five Nights With 39 (Official)

Five Nights With 39 (Official)

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Five Nights With 39 (Official)

Five Nights With 39 (Official) is one of the latest FNAF fan games. It takes inspiration from Five Nights at Freddy’s – a famous horror adventure game created by Scott Cawthon. This fan-made game features seven playable nights, a cute character, and his buddy, a mysterious story, as well as 12 obtainable trophies (via Gamejolt API). In this title, a teal animatronic bunny with glasses is calling you out. His name is 39. He is known as an animatronic with a weird personality. He is foul, roudy, stupid, and now he is coming for you. You come to the building and work as a nightguard. The mission for you is to protect this building for several nights as well as try to complete the mission. However, 39 is moving around the building at night. You must try your best to survive his random movements. He comes with his little pal that will kill you if you are not quick enough. Make sure you boop his nose to keep him away and use your strategies to survive the movements of the animatronic bunny. Download Five Nights With 39 (Official) now! Have fun!

Five Nights With 39: Anniversary

Five Nights With 39 – Original

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