Chica’s Party World

Chica’s Party World

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Chica's Party World

Chica’s Party World is yet another FNAF game created by a fan and free to download. Are you ready for another scary adventure? In this title, you become detective Parker whose job is to investigate what happened in a mysterious building dominated by Chica. You have a week to check out what happened, all of many years ago, even though you already know the history with that place, but finding out more will not be an easy task as there are lots of dangers with enemies waiting for you ahead, especially Chica. If you are used to FNAF original game, you would know about Chica – a tough animatronic robot to deal with. Now, you must try your best to conquer Chica and make sure she has no chances to jumpscare you. The objective of Chica’s Party World is to survive until the end. Get yourself ready for this adventure now then see whether you can defeat it!

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