Honeybear’s Fantasy Cancelled Demo

Honeybear’s Fantasy Cancelled Demo

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It is free to download Honeybear’s Fantasy Cancelled Demo fangame and embark on an exciting story! Note that it is canceled. 

Click here:

Cancelled Demo build coming 12AM EST, Christmas Day

A tavern for children has been nearly a year. It is a fun location for kids to enjoy new food, relax with a set of animatronic characters, and many more. Because the development process goes on, the owner needs somebody to test robotics out during the night. They are planning to open it earlier and later in order to earn much more money. And, they are losing balance at the present. It is the reason why you are hired. Help them complete that job and do not forget to defend yourself from everything behaving strangely until the shift ends. 

Honeybear’s Fantasy is a small Fnaf fan-made game with free roaming and a mission lasting from 12 AM to 6 AM. You are allowed to monitor the power and temperature to control animatronics. Always keep them away from you or you will die!

Honeybear’s Fantasy Cancelled Demo

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