Overnight :Revived

Overnight :Revived

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Let your surviving skill be tested once again in another FNAF Download Fangame called Overnight: Revived! You will surely be taken through more horrible challenges that require your excellent ability and good strategies to conquer. In this fan-made title, there are two animatronic robots you will deal with through over the night: Bonnie and Foxy. You will navigate your way through a creepy building in order to unravel all the mysteries, but the animatronic mascots don’t leave you alone. They will do whatever it takes to jumpscare you if you let them. So now, prepare all of your tactics in advance to defeat these creatures before it’s too late. You need to stop them from killing you by interacting with any items available around you. Make sure that the robots cannot catch you, otherwise, the game will be over. Think you can survive till the end of the night in Overnight: Revived? Play and get your answer! 

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Overnight : Revived

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