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Project Box

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Project Box
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Project Box is a horror adventure game taking inspiration from Five Nights at Freddy’s – an iconic survival horror game by Scott Cawthon. Project Box free download is created by a fan. It revolves around a new storyline. You play as a character named Charlie – the main character of the book series. Only one or two days after the ending of The Twisted Ones, you found yourself in the underground pizza restaurant. It looks lie you are trapped in a room and it will not be easy for you to escape. Springtrap is the main animatronic robot watching over you and seemingly, he doesn’t want you to leave. There are six posts you have to use for your escape, such as the monitor, power breaker, a clock, a big box, and the two doors. Keep these posts balanced during the time you play so you can survive the nights. Project Box FNAF fan game features 4 point-and-click minigames, animated cutscenes, 5 scary nights, etc. Download and play it now! Have fun!

Link Comming Soon!!!

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