The End of McDonald’s

The End of McDonald’s

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The End of McDonald's

The End of McDonald’s is a point-and-click indie horror game generated by a fan named Stabvel 1235. It’s free to download and install on a PC. With this edition, you will experience another horror adventure and have a chance to sharpen your surviving ability. The End of McDonald’s is also the sequel of Five Nights with Mac Tonight: First Fast Food. It will open a new storyline to explore. After the closure of McDonald’s First-Fast Food, the JVE company made a decision on making “FUTURE Fast-Food” in which McDonald’s will feature the animatronic masters that are all remastered. The first thing they have to do to obtain this target is to find the old McDonald’s factory with the old robots. And now, the hire you to watch over the factory for 5 days to make sure that everything is safe. However, something strange is happening while you are at work. You need to figure out what it is as well as protect yourself at all costs. It can be the animatronics roaming at night and willing to jumpscare you. Try your best to fight them off for your survival! Enjoy The End of McDonald’s free download!

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