Book Of Nightmares

Book Of Nightmares

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Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 can be considered as the most dreadful adventure games filled with a bunch of disgusting and creepy nightmares (also known as animatronics). If you want to survive for all nights in the final chapter, it will be better for you to take a closer look at the book of nightmares showing fundamental information about these nightmares. This tutorial will help you learn the sounds, mechanics and the toughness of them.




Hi, guys! My name is Boogyboy . I will provide you with some of the full information about the creepy antagonists in FNAF 4

This tutorial will consist of these parts, including Movement Patterns, Tips, Sound Ques, Jumpscares, the secrets and the spoilers

Nightmare Freddy


Difficult: Effortless

Begins: Night 1

Area: Bed

Role: Distractor/Intimidation

Advancing Difficulty: Tough


Nightmare Freddy is probably the initial one that you will face in the game

He usually spawns and jump out right behind you on the bed rather than roaming around the house.

If you use the flashlight and shine your bed, you probably have a possibility to see a baby Freddy

If the light is flashed on it, it will run back under the bed fast

Don’t take too much time and wait too long, or else the amount of mini Freddys will develop to 3.

If you don’t keep an eye on them frequently enough, the Nightmare Freddy will annihilate you.







Whenever the light sparkles, it means that the mini Freddys are increasing

If you see the light shimmering repeatedly, you need to check quickly on your bed

If you don’t watch anything else, you should check on the bed all the time.

Nightmare Bonnie


Difficulty: Normal

Begins: Night 1

Area: Left Hall

Role: Intimidation

Advancing Difficulty: Tough


Nightmare Bonnie will begin his movement at the end of the left hall

When you get to the door, you should wait for a breathing sound rather than using the flashlight.

If you hear the breath, just quickly shut the door.

Then, you can wait for the footstep sounds moving away.

If there is no breath that you can hear, just use the flashlight

Try to check the door usually, or else Nightmare Bonnie will sneakily get into your room then give you the dreadful jumpscare.







The only thing that you need to be watchful for is the vague sound of the footsteps that you can hear from your left ear while you are in your bedroom

If there is no footstep sound, you need to keep an eye on Foxy and Freddy

Try to wait around 3-4 sounds for the breath prior to shimmering the light or shutting the door.

If there is a breathing sound right after you shut the door, it means that you have succeeded in beating off the death.

You should turn the volume up, put the headphones on your head to listen to the breathing sound.

Nightmare Chica


Difficulty: Normal

Begins: Night 1

Area: Right hall

Role: Intimidation

Advancing difficulty: Very tough


Nightmare Chica will commence moving from the end of the right hall

Similar to Bonnie, you need to wait for the breathing sound when you are the door

If you don’t hear anything, just use the flashlight

If you hear the breathing sound, then instantly shut the door then wait for the enemy take its leave.

Chic will stay at the door longer than Bonnie does. This is merely the difference.






You should try your best to hear the low footsteps sound in your left/right ear

If that sound comes from the left ear, just move to the left door and check it

If it comes from the right ear, then quickly go check the right door

Although the assault style of Chica and Bonnie is kind of similar, Chica’s still tougher than a bit.

When you shut the right door, Nightmare Chica will linger at the door longer than Bonnie, and then she walks away after that.

If you don’t check on it frequently, Chica will also sneakily enter your room faster.

Nightmare Foxy


Difficult: Normal

Begins: Night 2

Area: Closet

Role: Distractor/Intimidation

Advancing difficulty: Very tough


Nightmare Foxy will start his movement at the end of right or left hall with the purpose of making an endeavor to get into the closet

You can realize his coming by listening to the rapid sound of steps he makes from right to left and vice versa.

If he manages a way to get into your room, you will surely hear the rapid footsteps sound the sound of shutting the closet.

When he enters the closet, you need to keep an eye on him frequently and shut the door if you see him there.

There are 4 areas that he could be in:

Plushie form

Half top


Revealing the head

For the plushie from, no need to keep an eye on him that much

For the half peeking area, you will be find but don’t forget to check on him

For the peeking area, you will be safe if you shut the door and wait until he backs down

For the head revealed area, you need instantly keep the door shut and let him withdraw back

Try to keep an eye on him frequently enough, or else he will run to you and annihilate you.







No exact time for him to get into the closet every night

You only know when returning to your room after leaving a door, the closet will close fast

If he doesn’t enter the closet, just keep an eye on Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica

If Nightmare Freddy and Foxy combine and work together, this is going to be a tough nuisance for tackling

Boost yourself whenever checking on Foxy since he probably jumps out and scares you in the closet.

Don’t check on the bed for more than 20 seconds, or else Foxy will destroy you immediately

Nightmare Fredbear


Difficulty: Tough

Begins: Night 5

Area: Bed, closet, and both halls.

Role: Direct Intimidations

Advancing difficulty: Insane


Fredbear is a dreadful intimidation that is able to assault from any potential area

He turns up on the night 1 and then he replaces other animatronic nightmares

Instead of hearing the breathing sound of him at the doors, now you will hear a crying sound

If he turns up in the lobbies, you can shine the light on him, but it just takes only 1.5 seconds.

Don’t keep it on him too much and too long, or else he will destroy you

You should try to wait for the footsteps sounds appearing at the starting of night 5

This sound can emit from left to right and vice versa

Check on the right door if they move to the right

Check on the left door if they move to the left

You can clearly listen to these sounds if you put the fair headphones on your head

He can be in a disembodied head when he turns up in the closet or on the bed

If you hear the crying sound which is just like the sound you heard at the door, this is the signal telling you that he turns up on the bed

If you see him on the bed, you need to hold the light on him, he will vanish only when the lights glimmer

If he appears in the closet, you need to immediately shut the door and keep it tight until the lights glimmer

When you scare him away, he will carry on his movement from this door to another one.





You should try to wait for 5-8 seconds when the night starts to listen to the footsteps sound from left to right

He can totally change from this door to another fast. Therefore, you need to follow him carefully

The crying sound he releases when turning up in the closet or bed will not play

You shouldn’t keep the light on him for too long when he appears in the closet, or else you will get jumpscared and destroyed.


Difficulty: Insane

Begins: Night 7

Area: Bed, closet, and both lobbies

Role: Direct Intimidation

Progressing difficulty: Unfeasible


Nightmare is a replica of Fredbear

He’s completely black and wears gold hat and the bow

The tactics of dealing with Nightmare is similar to Fredbear’s, but there are some slight differences:

  • If you get destroyed instead of being taken to the main menu back, the game will begin again
  • He will turn into hostile a little bit at the doors
  • He’s extremely faster than Fredbear
  • He can turn up on the bed or the closet more frequently

Instead of the common animated jumpscare, it’s an unmoved picture of Nightmare turning up.





If you want to beat him off, you need to be faster than you are tackling with Fredbear

Don’t shine on him in the lobbies twice, or else he will kill you

If you even keep the light on him in the closer within the seconds, you will get killed as well

All you have to do when tackling with him is to keep calm and pass your panic.

Sound Ques

Audio ques:

Chica/Bonnie breathing at the door

Mini Freddies on bed

Nightmare Foxy racing into the closet

Fredbear/Nightmare crying

Fredbear/Nightmare on the bed or in the closet

Jumpscare sounds:

Normal Jumpscare

Plushtrap Jumpscare

Closet Foxy Jumpscare

Nightmare Jumpscare

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