FNaF 4 Night 1

FNaF 4 Night 1

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Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 Night 1

Find out some useful tips and useful info about the night 1 in Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 now! If you learn these tips before playing the game, you can pass all of the troubles easily!

Difficulty: Easy

Nightmares present:

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At the beginning of this night, there are some of the tutorial boxes telling what you have to do and where you need to click if there is an animatronic getting into your door:
N. Bonnie and Chica don’t appear when the game starts; they only do when the time reaches 3 am and when the night almost comes to an end like 5 am.
However, N. Freddy can show his appearance sooner
Your room will be equipped with two doors, one is on the right, one is one the left. The bed will be placed behind you, and the closet will be put in front of you.
For moving towards them, you need to click the doors
Holding key Shift will close your door, and holding the control will help you utilize the flashlight
If you are at the door, you can flash the light
You need to wait for around 204 seconds until you hear any exhale sounds.
If there is no sound, the flashlight can be used
Pull the mouse down so that you can look and check your bed
After that, use the flashlight
If you turn on the flashlight at your bed, you will see the things called “Freddles”
The number of Freddles can be up to 3, this will happen when you check your bed too frequently
When you flash the light, Freddles will scramble back under the bed promptly
You shouldn’t let these Freddles develop, and if they do, and you use the light on bed, Nightmare Freddy will jump out and scare you


Each hour in the game is equal to 60 seconds. This means that each night will last 6 minutes
If you see the screen flickers and hear the sounds, it is a sign telling you that Freddles has turned up
Try to concentrate on your game because the sound of breath and footsteps are very tough to hear.
You should use the headphones while playing

The Freddles won’t be too aggressive on this night

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