FNaF 4 Night 2

FNaF 4 Night 2

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Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 Night 2

Let’s keep moving and reach night 2 in Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 game! This time, your challenge will be upgraded a little bit! So keep calm and find out!

Difficulty: Normal

Nightmares appearance:

FNaF 4 Night 2 FNaF 4 Night 2 FNaF 4 Night 2 FNaF 4 Night 2Info:
Nightmare Foxy will turn up on this night
He will start his adventure at the end of the lobbies
If there are other rapid footsteps sounds as well as the sounds of door when creaking, this is a sign telling you that Foxy has already got into your room and sheltered himself in the closet.
If Foxy is in the closet and you utilize the flashlight, then keep your doors shut until you open, you will witness a Foxy plushie, not nightmare one.
About Nightmare Bonnie and Chica, they will become a little aggressive, which makes your night more arduous to deal with.


Nightmare Foxy can appear around from 3-4 am
Just try to listen to the sound for 1-2 seconds when you open the door, Nightmare Chica and Bonnie can become quicker a little bit than the previous night.

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