FNaF 4 Night 5

FNaF 4 Night 5

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Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 Night 5

FNaF 4 Night 5

So, we are here for night 5 in Five Nights at Freddy’s 4! Are you ready to face new terrifying challenges on this night? Surely you will freak out a lot when advancing to this creepy night! More real panic feelings you are going to experience! Along with Nightmare Fredbear as well! Prepare for them now!

Difficulty: Hard

Nightmares appearance:

FNaF 4 Night 5


All the nightmare animatronics are no longer available on this night because Nightmare Fredbear is here! It will replace all of them on night 5.
This night will get a little bit difficult to deal with! Nightmare Fredbear is such a real rival!
When standing at your door, you will listen to the laugher, not the breath sound
If you hear it, try to close your door promptly
But if not, just freely use the flashlight
Flashing the light will make you see Nightmare Fredbear at the door. Be calm! You still have 1,5 secs for closing your door. Just wait for him a little bit, he will rush toward to another door.
If the laughter echoes, and you are not close to the doors, now it’s time to go check your bed as well as the closet
If you check the bed, and somehow you see Fredbear, you should turn your light on, keep it like that until the nightmare disappears.


You will feel a lot of panic feelings on this night; this is the biggest challenge to you
When you start it off, you shouldn’t rush toward the doors immediately, try to wait for a little bit until you can hear some of the footstep sounds
You have to check the left door if you hear the sound from right to left
You have to check the right door if you hear the sound from left to right
Usually, Fredbear will rush back to the opposing door if you go to the door when you hear the footstep sounds.

Come back and keep following him to the door he rushes toward.

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