FNaF 4 The Secret Night

FNaF 4 The Secret Night

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Secret Night in Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 Secret Night

FNaF 4 The Secret Night

Let’s continue challenging yourself with the Secret Night in Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 game now! You will have to face a lot of difficulties on this night. But if you acquire some of the useful tips and basic info before joining it, you can make your way through the creepy challenges. Let’s find out now!

Difficulty: Impossible

Nightmares appearance:

FNaF 4 Secret NightFNaF 4 Secret NightFNaF 4 Secret NightFNaF 4 Secret NightFNaF 4 Secret Night


If you want to explore this secret night of the game, you should try to finish all the previous nights and get the extra menu. Because it’s opened only when you completed!
The secret night shares the same feature as the nightmare mode, namely the animatronics including Nightmare, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and Freddy, they will turn into very hostile and active.
The different thing is that you are not allowed to hesitate.
Equip yourself with good abilities to tackle with this night
Well, similar to other FNaF games, 20202020 mode in this version is considered as the most arduous night in the game.


It’s so doubtful for you to beat off this night. So, don’t expect to finish it sooner!
Just like night 6, try to keep calm and don’t expose your fears too much!
Foxy is very fast starting from the hallways to the closet when the time hits around at 1-2 am. Please stay calm and be careful!
Once again, all the animatronics will be replaced by Nightmare when the time reaches 4 am.
Check out these tips below here when you are on this night:

    • Go check your bed and closet while being in your room
    • If there are any footstep sounds that you hear, quickly check your doors
    • Otherwise, just check the Freddles and Foxy when you’re in your room
    • Repeat the circle
    • You need to wait for a little bit and try to listen to the sounds of footstep from left to right and right to left because Nightmare has already appeared on this night. Check on your doors as well
    • If you are flashing your light, and he is already in the lobby, the amount of time for you to close the door is 0.8 seconds.
    • In a short time, if there is any sound signifying that he is running toward another door, you should quickly open the one you were shutting and check another one
    • If it is being shut, and his laughter can echo, you should go to your bed and closet then check on them. He probably appears in this places.
    • Do this circle once again

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