FNaF 4 Tips/Tricks!

FNaF 4 Tips/Tricks!

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Five Nights at Freddy’s Tips/Tricks

Fnaf 4: Tips tricks
Fnaf 4: Tips tricks

Check out the useful tips and tricks to beat off all the dreadful nights in Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 now! Once you get these tricks, nothing is impossible anymore! You will totally survive for 5 nights and defeat the death.

Loading The Game

When you begin your night, you will realize that loading each location will be so slow. Nevertheless, once loading a location of the bedroom, no need to do once again! Firstly, the bed should be loaded since it’s effortless for you to get and you have to stay there for a short period when you are in the middle of the gameplay. After that, move to the doors located at both sides. When being on night 2 or even more, you need to choose what door that need to be loaded first counting which way you can hear the sound of footsteps of Nightmare Foxy. Finally, don’t load the closet until Nightmare Foxy enters.

Fundamental Tips

Try to turn up your volume to the maximum, since there are some of the noises which are very quiet, such as the breathing sound at the door
On the subsequent nights, you need to frequently check the bed, excluding for when the bed is being loaded. This could be because the enemies can turn into extremely fast and if you check the bed, Nightmare Bonnie or Cupcake can assault you right after you return to the bedroom.
If Nightmare Foxy enters the closet, the closet needs to be checked once he does. Then, you need to keep an eye on him frequently enough to keep you safe from his sudden assault.

Nightmare Freddy

Nightmare Freddy is a protagonist of the Nightmare Fazbear group. He lurks himself on the bed, with the Freddles. When checking on the bed, you probably witness a baby Freddy (aka Freddle). Shining the light on it will make it vanish. There are up to 3 Freddles turning at one time. No checking on them after they reach 3 will surely make N. Freddy assault you. When the night advances, these Freddles will begin turning faster and faster (excluding for night 5). N.Freddy will be here to distract the entire of animatronics, therefore, try to be more watchful when tackling with them.

Nightmare Bonnie and Nightmare Chica

The rules and tactics for these animatronic will be the same. As usual, N. Bonnie will assault from the left while N. Chica assaults from the right. To scare them away, reach your door and try to listen to their breathing sounds carefully. If you hear, just quickly shut your door until they take their leave. If there is no breathing sound, you can use the flashlight. Don’t shine the light when they appear next to the door, you will get assaulted for sure. No checking on N. Chica will make her attack you by throwing N. Cupcake to you. If you hear the sound just like pots and pans clanging, you can be fine because N. Chica is in the kitchen.

Nightmare Foxy

N. Foxy is an animatronic that will surely disturb you a lot. When beginning from night 2 to night 4, you will see nothing in the closet, and this animatronic will begin his movement from the lobby. Different from N. Bonnie and N. Chica, he can make his way through the door, so try to be watchful. There will be some of the fast footsteps that you can hear from left or right. Once hearing, just follow the usual rules, listen to the breathing sound, shut the door or use the flashlight. When closing the door, N. Foxy can be driven back to a discrepant direction. Occasionally, shining the light can let you see N. Foxy peeping around the hall corner, the he moves to another direction. Doing this will reduce his speed. If you are opposite him, he can totally enter the closet, and once he does, just go check on him instantly. Don’t be afraid of him screaming at you when in the closet, you will be alright. If he gets any closer to the opening, you need to watch him faster. If he turns into a Foxy plush, and you need to take your leave, you can leave the closet there. Checking on him for too much or too long, you will get attacked for sure. Once entering the closet, there’s no way for you to get him out. Therefore, you should do whatever it takes to prevent him venturing your closet, particularly night 6, Nightmare night, and 20/20/20/20

Fun with Plushtrap

There is a cool mini-game named “Fun With Plushtrap” that you can join. As far as we know, Plushtrap is another version of Springtrap, and in this minigame, you are supposed to make a great use of the flashlight to prevent Plushtrap. Preventing him on the X will allow you to escape 2 hours on a subsequent night. Nevertheless, if you try to prevent him right after he overcomes the X, you will get assaulted and the subsequent night won’t feature 2 more hours. If the time is run out, you won’t get the 2 hour bonus either. Dying when getting this bonus also makes you begin at midnight.

True Nightmares!

Night 5 won’t completely include N. Freddy, N. Bonnie, N. Chica or N. Foxy. We will have to welcome a new member called Nightmare FredBear. This is animatronic which was already mentioned in FNAF 2, and he was appeared in an 8-bit mini-game in FNAF 3. Now, this is a terrifying nightmare that a kid has to face. N. Fredbear will assault from each potential area, from the doors, closet, bed and eve more. You need to listen to his footsteps carefully, quickly close the left door if he goes to the left, and instantly close the right door if he goes to the right. If you see him going to the similar direction various times, this is a signal saying that you get fooled by him! He is making an effort to make you stay there. Seeing him doing this action for too much, and you are being idle, surely you will get cheated and assaulted. Once hearing a laugh, but no footsteps there, quickly go check your bed and the closet. If you see him on the bed, you can use the flashlight to shine on him. If he already ventures into the closet, just close the door and wait for him to leave. The normal animatronics are still there on the sixth night until 4 am, and then N. Fredbear will seize. But there is another animatronic replacing the appearance of N. Fredbear in the Nightmare night, and 20/20/20/20 mode, at 4 am. His name is Nightmare, which is a replica of N. Fredbear, but he has discrepant colors, and he is much quicker and creepier. If you are killed by Nightmare, its attack is an unmoved screen along with the face, and the loud noise. After, the game will restart!

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