Final Five Nights At Freddy’s Game

Final Five Nights At Freddy’s Game

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FNaF World is another forthcoming game made and developed by Scott Cawthon – a game creator of famous horror FNaF game series. Possibly speaking, FNaF World was viewed as a final Five Nights at Freddy’s game that will close out this creepy series. Most of the loyal fans have been dying for the game since it was announced to be a completely different story from the previous ones of the original games. The curious point of the game could be the animatronics in FNaF World, along with the unique gameplay and the genre. There are various speculations made by fans since the day the learned about this game. It’s time to take a look at fundamental information about FNaF World!

Final Five Nights at Freddy’s Game

The reason for being the final game that will close out FNaF games must have come from the idea of Scott Cawthon when he made a decision on producing another game to make up for the expectations of the fans who are longing for Five Nights at Freddy’s 5. According to what he announced on Steam, FNaF series wouldn’t have any fifth chapter because the story of four versions has come to an end. But still there have been thousands of people waiting for the fifth part. Those, who have been waiting for it, can easily give up on it now since FNaF World is about to come out! This is a new game which is surely highly anticipated by most of the fans! FNaF World will take you to another cool adventure filled with awesome character sets.

FNaF World Gameplay

FNaF World has an extremely exclusive gameplay. Just like what Scott Cawthon has announced on Steam, FNaF World will be an RPG game taking all the players to the fantasy battles instead of the horror adventures like the previous versions. This is an amazing game allowing players to create their parties and choose the leader to rule the world. Obviously, the new story has nothing to do with the old ones. People can freely explore Freddy’s world to find out new hidden corners in the game.
Recently, the gameplay videos of FNaF game have been released over Youtube and Steam as well. In those videos, you will have a chance to discover epic battles between the animatronics and enemies. At first, the players have to choose the game mode that they want to play. Then, they will start creating their own parties filled with animatronics that were already equipped with cool abilities. After that, the players will choose the slot, and start their battle. During the game, they can even swap the troops to tackle with the tougher enemies.

One of the outstanding points that can be seen in the gameplay video is the movement sets of these characters. They use them as their weapons to launch the attacks to the enemies. You can check out some of the movement sets of the animatronics below here. Remember that not all of them can be utilized for releasing attacks. Some of them can be used for injury treatment, for example Chica’s Cupcake!

Characters’ Movement sets:

  • Chica: Cupcake, Birthday, Waterhose
  • Spring Bonnie: Springlocks, Happy Jam 2, Cosmic Song
  • Phantom Mangle: Toxic Bite, Mystery Box, Pizza Wheel 2
  • Nightmare Freddy: Bite 2, Sludge, Freddles
  • Phantom Foxy: Jumpscare, Toxic Bite, Unscrew

FNaF World Character

The character sets of FNaF World will be the familiar animatronics taken from Five Nights at Freddy’s games. Since the game is a hilarious adventure with funny battles, the animatronics have been completely changed! They don’t look creepy anymore, they are not aggressive anymore, but now, they are exceedingly cute and friendly with brand new behaviors and personalities. Surely you will fall in love with them at first right once joining the game. Besides the retro characters including Freddy, Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Scott Cawthon has added more character sets to his game, such as withered, toy, phantom, and nightmare versions.

Official Trailer of FNaF World

FNaF World also served the fans’ expectation with its official trailer uploaded by Scott Cawthon. In the trailer, we can see that the animatronics are so enthusiastic and energetic in the battles against the bad robotic adversaries. Most of them will use their special abilities when fighting. In addition, you can see there are a bunch of characters sets turning up at the end of video. The most important point here is the changing of the personalities of those animatronics, which will catch the attention of the players. For further details, enjoy the trailer here:

Release Date of FNaF World

According to what Scott Cawthon has announced on Steam recently, FNaF World will be launched on February 19th, 2016 with the desktop version, the mobile version will be come out after a few weeks later, and the demo version will be on Gamejolt. The players can download the demo version first and enjoy the game while waiting for the official version to be released.

Demo Version of FNaF World

Scott Cawthon has just uploaded the demo version of FNaF World on Gamejolt as he promised before. This will be a great chance for all of fans to explore and play the game while waiting for the official version. You can play and click to download the demo version for free


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