FNaF World Release Date

FNaF World Release Date

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Five Nights at Freddy’s World will close out the series in Febraury

All the fans of FNAF Worldmust be so excited for the release date of this new game made by Scott Cawthon! At the moment, there are tons of players hoping that FNAF World will make the big achievement just like other FNAF games. Although there have been some speculations saying that the players still have to take longer for waiting for the game to be launched, now they already close these guesses since Scott Cawthon has made some big announcements on his new game product. Let’s check it out!

Fnaf World Release date
Fnaf World Release date

Announcement of Scott Cawthon about the release date

Five Nights at Freddy’s World is viewed as the game that will close out Five Nights at Freddy’s series in the year 2016. According to what he announced on Steam on the last Thursday, FNAF World would be released on February 19th on Steam with the desktop version, the iOS, and Android versions will be launched in some of the weeks later. In addition, the demo version will also be revealed on Gamejolt by Scott!
Our game developer also said that the development has to endure some of the bad delays because of the technical problems and his newborn baby boy. However, the last periods of the advancement will get back on the track real soon. He also said that he was about to launch a demo version of the game before Halloween in 2015, but because the game would be importantly bigger than former games in the series, it finally took him addition time for the release.

FNAF World’s Gameplay

This new game product of Scott Cawthon will take us to a brand new Freddy’s world that we haven’t seen before. Different from the dark, creepy Five Nights at Freddy’s games which have been very well-known over the world, FNAF World will now be filled with amazing and bright RPG elements in which the players will have a chance to take control of the animated animatronics that used to stalk and attack them in the previous games. The players are also allowed to create a great leader for the clan in order to dominate the whole world. There are some of the wonderful movement sets performed by the animatronics
The game also has various turn-based fights and each member will be equipped with different assault slots so that they can enrich their powers.
When Cawthon made an announcement of the game in last September, he depicted it as a role-playing game with exclusive character sets from FNAF games. However, he will not continue making it as a horror adventure game anymore, which are just like four versions of FNAF series. This brand new game can be considered as the completely new on that can bring the series of FNAF to the end, and of course, there wouldn’t be Five Nights at Freddy’s 5 since the main story has come to an end already.

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