Bonnie Simulator Android Collection

Bonnie Simulator Android Collection

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Explore the Fnaf game with Bonnie Simulator Android Collection. It has two releases. Let’s download them in the following links!

  • Bonnie simulator Full version UPDATED 0.2.0

You will play this game as Bonnie from Fnaf game. It is the full version until now. You can unlock plushies. Click here to download it.

Link download

  • Bonnie Simulator 2 Demo 2 0.1.0

Bonnie Simulator 2 Demo 2 0.1.0 is like PC version of the demo with special features.

Link download

Bonnie Simulator Android Collection
It’s possible for you to play Fnaf game as the Toy Bonnie!

  • Bonnie Simulator is the game that you will take part in as Bonnie. This is the animatronics you often see in Five Nights at Freddy’s. Head to the office and kill the night guard. Complete your mission before the dawn.
  • Bonnie Simulator 2 leads you to a place in which you are Toy Bonnie from Five Nights at Freddy’s 2. Also, you will move to the office and get your task.

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