Craftyboy Custom Night

Craftyboy Custom Night

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Custom Night is always an exciting yet challenging extra side mission from FNAF games, and with Craftyboy Custom Night – another epic FNAF Download fangame, you will experience even more challenges. This is a wonderful UCN styled horror adventure game that you don’t want to skip. Although it took the creator up to 2 weeks to complete, it was still worth it. Similar to other Custom Nights from the previous games, in this one, you also have a chance to set the difficulty of the in-game animatronic robots. You can make them hard or easy to cope with, and it totally depends on your play style. When everything is done, feel free to jump into the action and get ready to conquer all animatronics. By all means, you have to keep yourself alive until the very end of the game if you are aiming at the victory. Let’s give it a shot! Good luck! 

Craftyboy Custom Night
Version: 1.0.0
Download Craftyboy Custom Night at here

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