Fazbear World: Nightmare Adventure

Fazbear World: Nightmare Adventure

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Fazbear World: Nightmare Adventure

Play Fazbear World: Nightmare Adventure and guide Fnaf game’s animatronics win the challenge. It is a fangame by UltimateSonicGame123. It is about the battle against the enemy of cute robots.

In Fazbear World: Nightmare Adventure, you can meet characters in Fnaf game. However, they will become heroes. And your mission is to help them take control all islands in the short time. After the events of Fazbear World: World at War, everyone feels peaceful. But it’s not. Something strange happened overnight. Many islands surround the world of Fazbear. And all of them are trapped. They have to uncover the secret and stop the evil plan.

In Five Nights at Freddy’s Fazbear World: Nightmare Adventure, you can meet familiar weapons such as a hook, pizza wheel, bite, MIC toss. Not only that, you can receive much more. Why don’t you play this game and explore it now? Hope you enjoyed!

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