Fazbear’S Return 2

Fazbear’S Return 2

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Fazbear’s Return 2

Fazbear's Return 2More mysteries and hidden secrets are waiting for you in Fazbear’s Return 2! Based on the original Five Nights at Freddy’s game, this fan-made work also bring various horrors and frightful feelings to the players. The game draws out a brand new story. After what had happened to Fazbear’s Return for 30 years ago, the stakeholder named Jake Kendrake has made a decision on changing the ancient hospital named St. Ignacius Manor and Hospital into a horror stuff called Fazbear’s Themed Horror Dinner. The place has turned creepy, and it’s filled with mysteries, particularly two animatronics that the owner brought from the ancient place. They are Joe’s Pizzaria and Funhouse. As a new security guard, you are supposed to unravel all those hidden secrets and keep the track of those two animatronics via surveillance cameras. Try to check on them carefully when you adjust the cameras, and stop them from attacking you. Try your best and see if you can make it till the end or not! Good luck!

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