Five Nights At Tubbyland

Five Nights At Tubbyland

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Five Nights at Tubbyland game

Five Nights At TubbylandFive Nights at Tubbyland is another frightful adventure game opening the whole new story about Teletubbies. Inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s game, the game features creepy factor and lots of mysteries that require players to figure out. For those who are into Teletubbies, they will kind of freak out if they catch sight of those characters in the form of gruesome animatronics. In the day time, Teletubbies are so adorable and friendly to everyone, particularly the kids, but when the night comes, they will turn extremely dreadful and aggressive. You will take on the role of a security guard, and your mission is to keep an eye on those characters utilizing the cameras. These Teletubbies keep wandering off, and their goal is to destroy you. Therefore, try to stop them no matter what as you try to survive until the end. Tactics and strategies can help you get past all challenges and obstacles. Explore the terrors and panic feelings now!

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