FNaF World: Extras Menu

FNaF World: Extras Menu

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A new fan is going to make Extras Menu for FNaF World! With this fan-made work, you will have a chance to experience a lot of things.

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Different from other ones, because this is known as FNaF World game, the extras menu will display some of the things for you to take a look at, for instance, Adventure animatronics that have stopped and assault animations. There assaults and actions they perform will be contained in the menu. In addition, an attack viewer will be also featured, and it can display the assault of animatronics. The enemy viewer and several secret items for fan games will also be included here. However, you must always remember that this is just extras menu for the game, there won’t be any PvP battle for you. The Extras menu is still in development, and it’s about to come out soon. So if you are interested in this one, just get ready for it!

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