Fnaf World Halloween Edition (Fan-Game)

Fnaf World Halloween Edition (Fan-Game)

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1FNAF World Halloween Edition promises to bring you many challenges and awesome missions.

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Playing this fan-made game during your Halloween season is so much better and amazing, right? The game is a typical one for you to play when Halloween comes. The game contains a brand new appearance, along with wonderful features, characters, adventures and so forth. Once joining the game, you will engage in some of the brutal fights between the animatronics, including Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and so on. They are so familiar and well-known in the original FNaF World, right? Also, there are more interesting types of battle that you can experience, like racing against each other, fighting against each other in space and so on. There will be new and funny characters here as well. The more you play, the funnier it will be! At the moment, this game is still in development. Let’s stay tuned and wait for it to be released!

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