FNaF World – Multiplayer Edition

FNaF World – Multiplayer Edition

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FNaF World – Multiplayer Edition ALPHA 4 [FIX 1.4] 0.0.4

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It’s possible for you to play Fnaf world game with friends! FNaF World – Multiplayer Edition ALPHA 4 [FIX 1.4] is the great version. You will have the same experience as if you are in FNaF World. The multiplayer edition of Fnaf game includes:

  • In two-player battles, you can gather another member to create a team. You and your friend will fight against the enemy together. Or you also can fight against each other. And you should find as many as possible. They will make your challenge more interesting.
  • Bytes or Chips trading allows you to trade chips and bytes with other players to earn more money or get another byte/ chip.
  • In friends option and private messaging, you can add as many friends as you want. You can message them privately or warp to their location, too.
  • And there are much more things that you can find easily in this Fnaf game. You need to have a stable internet connection to play. You have at least 1 GB RAM to run this game.

Game completion stats

Feature Completion
3D overworld 100% (complete)
Server set-up & GJ API intergation 100% (complete)
Battles 0%
Chat boxes, friend functions and multiplayer features 21%
Shops 0%
Trading feature 0%


  • Full credit goes to Scott Cawthon (textures, sound effects, overworld layout, etc.)
  • Soundtracks are made by Leon Riskin.
  • Multiplayer game by me (programming, server)


  • This game is NOT fake, and it WON’T be canceled.
  • This game is coded from 0%, no decompiling (texture/sound extracting is NOT counted as decompiling).
  • If you don’t see this page anymore on Game Jolt, it will be re-published (if Game Jolt approves this).

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