FNaF World: Versus

FNaF World: Versus

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Are you ready to explore an imminent fan-made game called FNaF World: Versus? Based on the original FNaF World, and even though the game is currently in development, it still draws a lot of attention of most of the gamers.

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The game has just served you with a funny teaser trailer, and there are still many epic scenes taken from the game. Before taking part in epic battles, you are supposed to select your side, select your path and make a decision on whether you will save or destroy the world. It’s up to your choice! Also, you will explore funny battles between the original team that has Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and the nightmare team that has other nightmare animatronics. These teams are super strong and powerful, and the battle can become tougher. Everything makes this game more and more amazing! Alright, let’s wait for it to be released and then you can download it for free!

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