FNAFB: Golden Edition [THE WORLD]

FNAFB: Golden Edition [THE WORLD]

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Keep calm and wait for the FNAFB: Golden Edition [THE WORLD] to come out in future! The game will surely bring you a lot of challenges and funny experiences.

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It will center on a story taking place in 197x, when Fredbear and his rabbit buddy named Springtrap had a lot of amusement in smashing cameras and battling against ghosts. In 204X, Fredbear has come back bringing another worst nightmare. He is struggling to take back his preferred hat that was fallen into the hands of the devilish organizer. Now, only Fredbear and his buddies can save the day! You will join them and start a brand new adventure with a lofty mission: Rescue the World from wicked unknown robots spawned from malfunctions in space-time. The game features up to 20 playable characters for your experience. Play and show off your skills to save the world now!

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