Nights of Revival 1.0.1

Nights of Revival 1.0.1

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Nights of Revival 1.0.1

You have the chance to meet animatronics in Fnaf game with Nights of Revival 1.0.1. It will lead you to a great attraction where you have to fight for survival. In this time, there is no one or nothing can save you except the flashlight. There is not any door in this Fnaf world. Everything will belong to your ability.
The story started after an incident had happened a few days ago. The scary robots coming from Five Nights at Freddy’s got out of the storage, and they stood on the stage again. Your old pals Dan, Trina and Simon, come back and show you how to beat them. But you should be careful of these characters. Simon can steal your food.
Are you ready to enter MacDinolds? Hope you enjoy burgers! You can receive a burger in the shape of Dan’s face. Let’s play and see!

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