Fnaf World Simulator Demo 2

Fnaf World Simulator Demo 2

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It’s time to have a look at FNaF World Simulator Demo 2 made by a fan! The second demo version is finally out giving you more details and new features. You will experience a game in such a new appearance, along with various new characters and some of the old parts will be remade as well. Explore the game now and start downloading this demo 2!


Updated new description

Obviously, most of the things in the game will be made clear by Redbear and White Rabbit, but there are still some of other stuff that haven’t mentioned in the demo.

New Animatronics are unlocked

During your combat, there is a shiny arrow showed in the peak of a head of the character. If you defeat him, he will be forced to join your team

Animatronic Assaults

Every single animatronic character has its own attack style. When you battle, you can utilize its assault to assist you. Those characters have various attacks; they are all very useful!


You probably have searched for the bosses in the original FNaF World. If they decide to team up with you, you can choose them so that they will assist you in some of the fights. They are very helpful. But if the enemies possess a BossDrain, his health and stamina will be worn off, and you have to cure him, or else he will die!

Once the events of the game are over, the opponents will have some mayhem. They will begin to decrease more. After that, Redbear will deploy 4 opponents to get rid of Freddy and CO. However, it’s very hard for those 4 enemies to conquer the strongest characters in the game by themselves

In the game, you have to play as the wicked guys and try to conquer the good ones.

How to play

Build up your team that has 8 characters. When you advance, there will be more for you to find. You don’t have to improve each character, but you have to improve your team overall. You can search for EXP that is filled boxes in this world. Some of them will contain 50, 100 or even 300. You probably go hunt for the bosses that are trying to hide in the darkness, oh no, in his fear! Try to decide and get them join you, choose them because they can do a lot of other things.

An ending will be added for:

  • Conquering the game usually, follow Redbear
  • Going against Redbear
  • Searching for Scott Cawthon and battling Freddy
  • Searching for Chipper and battling Freddy
  • Searching for Supremem Fredbear
  • Searching for Crash Kandicoot
  • Entering a malfunctioned object
  • Searching for the fan
  • Clock ending, all animatronics will be forced to go against Freddy

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